Hello ! We are Blue Lions the leading digital agency for international & panafrican brands. We work all over the African continent to provides our clients with high-quality digital campaigns. We produce fully integrated campaigns, brand-content and films. We manage, for major brands: social-media channels, online media-buying, events, print and offline campaigns. We are currently located in Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, South-Africa, Kenya, UAE (Dubaï), Ghana and France.

Latest projects:

Serge Beynaud – Mosquito Silence
Seb Group asked us to create a viral campaign to push their Tefal fan product during the mosquito season in Cote d'Ivoire. Blue Lions came up with a plan that involved a hit song from a major Ivorian artist: Serge Beynaud and a video-clip that would work as a commercial and a clip everyone would watch.
Start Your Impossible
Blue Lions is working with Toyota on a global branding campaign across the African continent. We have produced a series of interviews to showcase exceptional people that managed to overcome huge difficulties to achieve success. For this campaign we also managed the online and offline media buying (press/print).
BIC Kids Evolution
BIC has asked us to create a campaign for MENA and SSA to promote products from their Kids Evolution line. We have produced 3 films x 2 main zones (MENA & SSA) that will be broadcast digitally and on TV across the African continent and the Middle-East.
Ebène Afrique
CFAO is working with Blue Lions to manage its Ebène Facebook page. We are producing content and buying media to increase the brand's overall reach.
AFD Lead Campus
Lead Campus has trusted Blue Lions to build their digital presence (Facebook/LinkedIn and more) of their MBA dedicated to African talent. We have produced videos, local roadshows to promote the campus and we produced a PR/e-PR campaign to develop as much organic reach as possible.
Toyota RAV4 launch
CFAO Motors has trusted Blue Lions to create a new campaign for the launch of their new RAV-4 across the African continent. Beyond the global claim and key visuals, we have helped CFAO Motors produce all the POS materials for this exciting new vehicle.
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